Teaching Strategies for Students with ADHD

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Course Overview:

This course will provide you with techniques, strategies and interventions to help students with ADHD succeed in the classroom. You will review the characteristics of students with ADHD and how a diagnosis is made. You will look at medications and treatments for students who are diagnosed. Lastly, you will review concrete steps you can take, as an educator, to support these students in your classroom.

Students will:
  • Review what it means for a student to be diagnosed with ADHD
  • Learn how students with ADHD are treated for their disorder
  • Learn techniques, strategies and methods to support ADHD students in the classroom

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Key Information for Understanding and Managing ADHD

After this first lesson you will better understand ADHD and how it can be managed. You will learn about common treatments and medications. You will also begin to explore do's and don'ts for teachers.

Lesson 2: Managing the Challenge of ADHD Disorders

This second lesson looks at how you plan to manage ADHD behaviors. You will explore classroom strategies to manage and regulate student behavior at both the classroom and individual level.

Lesson 3: Instructional and Academic Strategies and Support

The third lesson goes beyond behavior to focus on the academics of students with ADHD. Differentiation methods, learning strategies and study skills are just a few of the areas that will be addressed.

Lesson 4: Personal Stories and Case Studies

Lesson four provides you the opportunity to review personal stories of students with ADHD. You can learn from their experiences and see things from the student and parent points of view.

Lesson 5: Collaborative Efforts and School Responsibilities in Helping Children with ADHD

Working with ADHD students should not be a one on one venture. This lesson explores how you can work with others in the school to help students with ADHD. You will review laws associated with ADHD students and learn ways you can work collaboratively in their best interest.

Lesson 6: Additional Supports and Strategies

Students with ADHD often feel stress other students do not. This lesson will review some supports and strategies like music and relaxtion techniques that can help you students focus on what is important while remaining calm and happy.

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**Outlines are subject to change, as courses and materials are updated.**