Investing in Stocks and Bonds

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Course Overview:

This course will provide the beginning investor with the skills and knowledge necessary to begin investing in stocks and bonds.  As a new investor, it is important to understand how the stock market works, types of investments and where and how to begin.  The strategy and approach you employ, after market research and due diligence covered in-depth throughout this course, will help you successfully and easily make your first trade.  This comprehensive course will use learning activities, practice exams, and assignments to help students learn the foundational components to becoming a successful investor.

Students will:
  • Describe the history of the stock market
  • Define and describe stock and bond investments 
  • Recall how the stock market works
  • Define the major types of stock and bond exchanges
  • Explain the types of products bought and sold on the market
  • Define the best approach to entering the stock market
  • Identify the easiest investments for beginners
  • Recall the types and purposes of investing
  • Recall the 10 tips you should always follow
  • Describe the 5 things beginners should always avoid

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: History of the Stock Market 

This lesson will provide an historic overview of the stock market, beginning way back in the 1300’s with the Venetian lending trade to the current markets.  It is important to fully understand the beginnings of the market, operations drivers and initial needs of lending and trading to be able to understand the current market.

Lesson 2: How the Stock Market Works

This lesson will provide the key fundamentals of the current stock market, how it works, the parts that make it work and how investing actually occurs.  Before you can begin investing, you need a true understanding of the overall process so you don’t make costly first time mistakes.

Lesson 3: Major Stock Exchanges

This lesson will provide an in depth look at each of the four primary markets – NYSE New York Stock Exchange, TSE Tokyo Stock Exchange, LSE London Stock Exchange and Euronext European Stock Exchange - as well as a few other popular and major exchanges.

Lesson 4: Types of Products Bought and Sold on the Market

This lesson will provide a comprehensive overview of the four popular items on the current stock market; these are items that you can buy and sell including: bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds.

Lesson 5: Where and How to Begin Investing

This lesson will provide the basics on the easiest way to enter the stock market and set up your brokerage account.  By setting up your account with a top broker firm, you can effortlessly enter and exit a trade with relative ease.

Lesson 6: Easiest Investments for Beginners

This lesson will introduce you to the easiest type of investment for the beginning investor – buy-ins.  Along with the recommended buy-in investment type review, the fundamental and technical analysis will be covered to help you determine the correct strategy to utilize when entering the market for the first time. 

Lesson 7: Types and Purposes of Investing

This lesson will provide you with the major types and purposes of investing.  Since investing is all about making money, the types of your initial investments will be very important in determining your growth and investment longevity.

Lesson 8: 10 Tips You Should Follow

This lesson will review the ultimate top 10 list you should follow as a new investor.  The risk is very high for new investors due to lack of knowledge, lack of due diligence or simply not being diversified.  These top 10 recommendations should help prepare you for a successful first trade in the market.

Lesson 9: 5 Things to Avoid

This lesson covers the key 5 stock tips every new investor should avoid.  It is easy to jump in head first into this new and exciting world of investing, but by following these top 5 recommendations you can easily avoid the common first time pitfalls.

Lesson 10:  Common Beginner FAQ’s

This lesson provides an overview of the beginning investor’s common, frequently asked questions such as “How much money do I need to start investing?” to “Should I hire a financial advisor?”  These ultimate FAQ’s can help provide the last pieces of the puzzle to help you successfully enter the stock market as an active trader.

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**Outlines are subject to change, as courses and materials are updated.**